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Natural Engineers. What Kind of Damage Do Beavers Cause?  

Is Spring Really the Time to Fling, We agree with this actricle!

There’s this myth that certain things can’t be done in the winter as if cold weather makes it impossible to get things done. While it can certainly make things uncomfortable or difficult if you’re not a fan of cooler temps, selling land isn’t likely to be affected. Today we’re here to help you understand why!  

Understanding Road Access

Access could be one of the most important things to consider when buying acreage. Road frontage and actualling accessing the property can sometime be two different things. Is your access deeded? READ THE ENTIRE:ARTICLE HERE: Understanding Road Access


The best land specialists have been in practice for many years. They have acquired experience and specialized knowledge in areas such as timber, rural land appraising, rural land contracts, land management and wildlife management. They also have deep contacts with specialists like foresters, surveyors, road & pond builders, title & closing specialists, and wildlife biologists….