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Protect your property – SC Governor Signs the Purple Paint Bill for SC Property Owners

On May 23, 2022, Governor McMaster signed House Bill 3291, known as the purple paint bill into law. This new law provides an alternative method of posting a No Trespassing Notice for property owners including timberland owners. The Forestry Association of South Carolina actively supported this new law since traditional No Trespassing signs are destroyed

Scenarios for Access on Rural Land

Pat Porter is driving around Southeast Texas, looking at some tracts of land that were purchased by an investment group represented by RecLand Realty. The tracts the group purchased all have different types of access- access, no access, or questionable access. Land agents specializing in rural real estate deal with land access issues all the

Everything You Need to Know About Property Access

Vacant land can have many different types of access, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding these different types of access is crucial for anyone looking to buy land.  The following article discusses what property access is:

By:  Felicia Cristofaro

Is “Title Theft” A Thing?


Several years ago, a real estate lawyer asked whether title insurance companies should offer protection against “title theft”…the protection touted by the companies who routinely advertise their services on the radio. This question prompted us to research the services of those companies and analyze whether title insurance companies should offer the same service.