On May 23, 2022, Governor McMaster signed House Bill 3291, known as the purple paint bill into law. This new law provides an alternative method of posting a No Trespassing Notice for property owners including timberland owners. The Forestry Association of South Carolina actively supported this new law since traditional No Trespassing signs are destroyed by weather events, unlawfully removed or used for target practice.

In particular, the law provides that a landowner has the option to post “clearly visible purple-painted marking, consisting of one vertical line not less than eight inches in length and two inches in width, and the bottom of the mark not less than three nor more than six feet from the ground or normal water surface. These marks must be affixed to immovable, permanent objects that are not more than one hundred yards apart and readily visible to any person approaching the property.” For additional information here is a link to the new law: https://www.scstatehouse.gov/sess124_2021-2022/bills/3291.htm