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50 Things to do in Upstate South Carolina

Bald Rock Heritage Preserve in Upstate South Carolina

The Upstate South Carolina region is quickly becoming the hottest destination in the entire South. Today, it is more common to hear of people heading to Greenville than more popular Southern destinations of yesterday like Charleston, Atlanta, and Savannah. The town’s slogan, Yeah, that Greenville, refers to Greenville’s up-and-coming status as the new “it town.”

Is “Title Theft” A Thing?


Several years ago, a real estate lawyer asked whether title insurance companies should offer protection against “title theft”…the protection touted by the companies who routinely advertise their services on the radio. This question prompted us to research the services of those companies and analyze whether title insurance companies should offer the same service.


Natural Engineers. What Kind of Damage Do Beavers Cause?

How To Get Rid Of Beavers: photo

Being the largest and widespread rodent in the USA, the beaver inflicts a considerable damage to human property and infrastructure. What distinguishes beavers from other animals is their hardworking nature. They create their own habitat or change the existing one, instead of using what is available. Observing the beaver behavior, one may imagine that they