A recent article on LandThink entitled, “Top 20 Questions for Land Buyers” garnered a lot of attention and created quite a bit of controversy among LandThink readers. I read many of the comments, and started thinking about what my list of questions would look like as I perform due diligence for myself or my clients when considering a property. That list would need to be tweaked a little depending on the objective for the purchase. For example, a person considering developing a tract into a subdivision on a river would have some significantly different questions to answer than a person merely buying a rural retreat for their family. So the following list would be my jumping off point for most buyers or rural tracts:

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Jonathan is a professional land agent with AlaLandCo, serving the historic Black Belt of west Alabama. He is a member of the national and Alabama chapters of the Realtor’s Land Institute (RLI), and the only real estate agent in Perry County that focuses completely on rural land sales. Visit his website at JonathanGoode.com.